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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rolls-Royce Reportedly Mulling Luxury SUV and V16-Powered Super Roadster

Slowly, but methodically, the BMW Group has expanded Rolls-Royce's offerings since it took over the company's automobile division in 1998. Currently, its lineup includes the Phantom sedan, LWB sedan, Drophead Coupe convertible and Coupe, and the Ghost sedan and LWB sedan models, while at next month's Geneva Auto Salon, it will present the new performance Wraith Coupe based on the Ghost.
However, the competition, and by that we mean the VW Group and its Bentley brand, is not keeping its arms crossed and is getting ready to enter into new territories with the EXP 9 F study that previews an upcoming premium SUV.

Rolls Royce 100EX V16

Rolls Royce 100EX V16

Rolls Royce 100EX V16

Rolls Royce 100EX V16

And as we've so many times in the past, when one German group takes the decision to create a new type of vehicle or enter a new segment, the others quickly follow suit…

Citing official inside sources, Car Magazine reported that the British carmaker is also looking into the possibility of building an SUV. "We’re monitoring the competition’s activities," Rolls-Royce boss Harald Krüger told the publication, adding, "we’re regularly debating whether to take action. This applies to all brand segments and technologies."

The magazine also learned that Rolls Royce is scheming a super roadster model with a massive 16-cylinder engine. The carmaker toyed around with the idea of developing such a big engine and even created a concept back in 2004, the 100EX, powered by a 9.0-liter V16, but never followed through.

According to the report, the idea floating around Goodwood is an extreme, two-seater roadster based on the next Phantom's aluminium spaceframe chassis fitted with a V16,. The same engine ould also find its way in the Phantom range to differentiate it from the V12-powered Ghost.

Articles Source : Carscoop

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